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Examples of good practice

1. The London Borough of Barnet
This council is widely recognised for leading the way. Runs a multi-material collection service for recyclables using two kerbside boxes. Materials sorted at kerbside include: plastic bottles; cardboard; food tins and drink cans; aerosols; foil; cartons; glass; paper; batteries; mobile phones; shoes and textiles; engine oil; and yellow pages. Many of these items could not be handled by a typical commingled system, resulting in householders sending them for disposal. For more about the service plus information about what happens to materials collected for recycling:

2. Chiltern District Council
Runs kerbside collection scheme using two boxes, one for paper, one for glass. The council website also has some good information about the recycling of materials:

3. London Borough of Ealing
Comprehensive source separation service, collecting a similar range of materials to Barnet (see above), collected in a green kerbside box serving 95,000 households. For more information visit:

4. Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
Currently operates a fortnightly kerbside box service for collection of paper, glass and metal containers. For more information visit:

5. Somerset Waste Partnership
Joint-working arrangement involving Mendip, Sedgemoor, South Somerset, Taunton Deane, and West Somerset district councils along with Somerset County Council and service provider May Gurney. This working arrangement has led the way when it comes to separate collection of food waste, contributing to high diversion rates for dry recyclables. Currently most households in the region are served by SORT IT or SORT IT PLUS collection schemes. For more information about visit:

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